Friday, December 30, 2011

HAPPY **2012** THE LIGHT YEAR******

Wowww and 2011 is over!!!Thank God!:)But for Fashion on Rock was an amazing year!yeahhh we got in to NYFW,we met Anna Wintour****we got more followers,we're in VOGUE!and l do have BIG plans for 2012,it's all about Fashion and nothing else;) is just sooo good when you know what do you want,who do you want to have around,what makes you happy,l as your Fashion Editor,feels soooo blessing,with sooo many positive vibe.l'm ready for one more year of good times more and more Fashion,l want only good People around,it makes more easy our lives with Peace and Love:)that's what l wish to you dear Lovers,lets keep our Love for Fashion,Life,and others next to us;)if you have only positive thoughts,only wonderful things will flow:)Happy New Year***will be here Bigger and stronger than ever,and sharing my fun,fashionable life,to inspire YOU;)

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