Friday, April 29, 2011

Here comes the Bride**

The whole World stopped to watch the Royal Wedding
l myself woke up at 5am,very excited to finally see
Ms.Kate Middleton`s dress and l got very happy that
she was wearing Lee McQueen by Sarah Burton,Lee must
be very proud;)the dress was perfect!simple and incredible
Romantic and Classy!what a wonderful day!its just sooo Good
to see others happy,special when we are talking about a Princess
So Fashion on Rock wish the best and very good lucky to this
lovely couple,who is going to Rock London;)
Cheers to Kate and William!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Lovers;)

Hummm Sweet Lovers;)Wish l could wear a
Huge Big Ears,like Louis Vuitton Winter 2009/10
By my Dear Amazing Marc Jacobs.The ears are nothing
But Girly and absolutely fun to wear;)l honest didn't
Think about it before,my plans tom is to wear a Big white
Flower on my Hair,But l wish it was a Bunny Ears,would be
Soooo much fun^^ well at least l`m sharing here this silly
Idea...if you have a Bunny ears home,just PLEASE putt it on
And have fun;)

P.S the video is Kate Moss for new Campaign by Basement;)
Happy Easter Lovers!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whatever Lola Wants..........

All Right**Fashion on Rock is IN, one more
Girls Night Out!How Fun right!?So the girl who
Is organizing the"Event" are asking to wear
White or Black,so in my opinion,l think that
Fashion on Rock should wear White,cause it will
Shine and like Black its a Classy Color..can`t go
Wrong...anyways Whatever Lola wants...Whatever you
Wants you can get,been yourself and

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SunFest 2011...What to wear!?..;)

All Right!!SunFest is right here again!!;)))
Nothing more excited in this world than my
Barry,Fashion and lots of music**so next week
We are celebrating one week of lots music,Art
And Sun ** l`m excited,don't know yet what l`m
Going to wear..can you imagine!? Baby Cousin know
Already omg!!so lets start to get the cuties,cool
Happy outfits out and go and have good time.will
Be 4 days of much fun.l`m going to see Jason Mraz
And Mr.Cee-Lo...very excited!!Make sure to look
Stylish** little dresses,jeans short,tops are always
Welcome,But first make more sure to be yourself;)
And HAVE FUN!!!!

Keep Calm and Marry a Prince

Fashion on Rock was very Blessed this past week
One of the Blesses was,a gift all day at the
Spa Spalano at the Boca Resort.l was impressed
With so much Glamour,the Hotel looks like a castle
Each Room,you get an incredible feeling of been a
Princess..isn't amazing!?SO while l waiting for my
Massage at that room with a huge fireside,l was
Thinking;OMG!!imagine how Lucky is kate middleton,she
Will have this everyday.just hope she will be happy:) least l can have this ones a week lol or just
Keep Calm and Marry a Prince;)