Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Looking ahead to the new week

Looking ahead to the new week like Meryl Streep for the " Devil Wear Prada" movie. Well not that "mean" but hoping and dreaming a new week of joy, fashion, art and music. That's how life should be right!? So go ahead and do the same, lets wish well to have a epic week!

You Be Nice

Exactly! if you can't find somebody nice, be one than! In Sad and negative times that we're living in, the best thing and (Karma) is to be nice, kind and absolutely positive. Don't be a victim, be an example of grace and courage. 

Up, up and away

Up, up and away! What an amazing, such cool handbag by Chanel. With this SpaceX events going on made our desire to be or have something that reminds us or space more real. I don't know you, but l think anything inspired by the Galaxy is just so epic, so magical.

Kendall Jenner For Vogue Korea March 2018 Hywea W. Kang

The sweetheart Kendall Jenner in on two lovely covers for the Vogue Korea March 2018 issue of Vogue Korea by Hywea W. Kang. Kenny. like her famous family Kardashian/Jenner usually call her wore epic Louis Vuitton jacket and sneakers and hot red lipstick. Styled by Kihoh Sohn Kendall rocked the Vogue.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Blonds | Fall Winter 2018/2019

This week during New York Fashion Week, The Blonds presented another phenomenal show. The killer collection was inspired by “primeval and eternal conflict of good vs evil as a driving force in art and literature and film.” To me: marvelous vs fabulous. Phillipe Blond opened the show wearing a stunning red jumpsuit covered in gold studs – looking “evil” gorgeous. It’s always exciting when Phillipe hits the runway. It was surreal perfection. The hottest brand on the planet rocked again with their signature spikes, studs, pearls, fringes, and crystal elements. The Blonds Fall 2018 also kept the glamorous corsets and latex pants to create a cool mix of Victorian era style and modernity. The one-and-only British icon Daphne Guinness closed the show in a black sparkling jumpsuit followed by a performance of her song “Riot” with awesome guitarists Steven Fairweather and Malcom Doherty. The Blonds couldn’t find a better way to close the night than with Daphne, who is a true reflection of their amazing and unique style.

New Balance Is The New Cool

 New Balance is the new cool and best part of this fashionable world is that NOW we can wear it with dresses or any casual-chic look. The New Balance line have an amazing "Glitter Punk" vibes  making the classic 574 sneaker epic than ever.  I Really believe on the power of a lit sneakers and check it out more of those beauties at the  NewBalance.com

Photos by Design Scene Magazine.

Stunning Naeem Khan Fall 2018

Every season I get very excited to see whats up on the marvelous and stunning world of Naeem Khan. This week during New York Fashion Week Mr. Khan showed a glamorous, classic Hollywood style. Amazing artistic jackets, fabulous dresses for every occasion Naeem Khan is giving you a reason to go and dress up to shine like a rock star.