Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye For Now;)

Happy New Year!!!Wish you all The best!!lots Fun,Fashion
Love much Love;) But Real LOVE without any DRAMAlol
l`m very Excited for next year!it will be everything
New Friends,LOVE,Life;)So tomorrow My Lovely people,and
l Gonna Celebrate in Miami Yummy;)at the Club SET Yeahhhhh
l`ve got a new Gorgeous Dress,l`m gonna be spending all
Afternoon with Ronaldo lol my hairstyle hahha he promised
To make me Look Gisele Bundchen;) hahah so it will be a great
Night with lots MUSIC,and Fun!!soooooo Pleaseeeeeeeeee
Be Safe,and Be Happy!Believe something NEW is coming
For you!!

Cintia Dicker by Ellen von Unwerth for Lula Mag

This is my Favorite Teen Amanda Diamond ;)
Thank You for the Lovely Video!l`m very very Happy
That we are friends!!Love you Forever!

Love Addict ...............

You Rock Dude;)

Jon Kortajarena For Matinique, spring-summer 2010
Why is So Hard to find a Men with Style!?
l`ve told my Ex-NowFriend that if he, Start to be
More Fashionable l may get back together hahahah seriously!!
Who Doesn't wanna a Men With Style,and ATTITUDE!?
l Do!!

Style Love It Or Hate It ..

Love It!! Cheers to Sienna Miller ;)

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Anja Rubik in Vogue Paris 2005 (NSFW)

Kate Moss: Just Cavalli Spring 2010

Woww l think this is AMAZING,Kate Looks Gorgeous
As Always!! life could be like this hein!? Always Fun,and
With a lot beauty and Lovely Boys around. SMART Boys
Because, Stupid Boys l`m tired lol

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Addict ...............

Dear Lovers,
l`m really sorry,for not post more today.l`m very
Tired..went to bed late last night;( l was thinking
Till 3:am hahah imagine a blond thinking till latelol

Today everywhere l went,it was playing(LET IT BE)
l think that`s the{ANSWER}so till happen what,
l`m waiting...Let me LET IT BE,and keep Rocking
And enjoying LIFE;)
Nite Nite

Looking Back

Style Love It Or Hate It ..

l don't know you,but l love hats . l have lot of
All the colors,and size ;)it makes BIG difference.

Get The Look...

God l Love London;)and this song is soo
Perfect for some people;)F***You!!

Alina Rock by Jamie Nelson for Zink Holiday 2009 Image Hosted by