Monday, November 30, 2009

All About Me ;)

Hello Lovers!!!
Guess Who Is Almost In F-L-O-R-I-D-A?? ME lol
l Still at the Airplane.l couldn't wait To Post!
l had a BEAUTIFUL Time In L.A,l Felt Love,and
Happiness :D Life Is Beautiful!!

Before l Fall Sleep l Wanted To Say:::::
::::::::l MISS you!::::::::
I`m Gonna Need couple Days To rest;S But
Should Be Posting In My Blog Soon!!

Tetyana Brazhnyk: Elle, December 2009

Get The Look...

Style Love It Or Hate It ..

Rihanna Leaving Her Hotel, New York
Love it!!

Best Friend`s FOREVER (:

Lara Stone: Numero 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bye For Now ...

l Had The most, Funniest Night ever!it was my Family
Picture Day.l said Funny cause, the Photography was Crazy
l Couldn't Look at my House Mom...we Couldn't stop laugh
All The kids Joe all The situation was soooo much Fun!!
Than Later we were at Royal Palm for Dinner and we Had to
wait for 1hr for your Dinner lol hahahah What a Night!!
But We Really Enjoyed All The Crazy Moment hahaha;)

Anyway Is Time, For the Good Time. Forget All
The Bad Time(Holiday Madonna)l`m Ready For My
Excited Trip.l have One suitcase for my Clothes
Other for Shoes,and One More just For Bags&Hats
CAN YOU IMAGINE!? l Don`t Know what I`m thinking hahha
So l`m gonna Be Every Where in C.A .This Weekend We
Girls Are Driving To San Diego,and we also are
Planing to dress up Like RockStar..and l Promise to take
Pics and make some videos hahah it I`ll be sooo Much Fun!
Like l Said is My Cousin`s Birthday so we Got
To ((CELEBRATE))For The rest of the week l have do Idea
what we are doing...But l`m Totally IN,For Whatever Nessa
Wanna`s To Do!!!l`m Really Happy:D

Wanted to Wish you All a HAPPY THANKSGIVING:)
I`ll See you Guy`s Soon!Stay Cool!!


JUJU is All PACKED lol if you see a Crazy LADY With
1 Million suitcase In L.A ME lol
Be hold l`m not going YET. l come back to say Bye ;)
Let me PACK a Little Be more hahahah(l`m kidding Nessa)

L. A Woman


Timeless: supermodels still bare all for fashion

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How To Lose a Guy In 5 Days

Dear Lover`s,
l was just, talking about with My Friend Anna About the
Movie "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" is funny yeahh we all
Know that.But Sometimes Can Happen....So l`m gonna Share
How To Lose a Guy in 5 Days Unfortunately l Did,and l`m
Very Sorry for l I`ll tell you what Not To Do

1 Never Ever go Visit Him In Your PMS

2 If He Doesn't Call You, in 3 Days Do Not Call
Or Txt Him asking what`s going on

3 Don`t Get Crazy, following Him FaceBook Page
Trying To find out Something

4 Don`t DELETE Him,as your Friend On FaceBook hahahahah

5 Don`t Call he`s Friend Bitch (I've you know she IS)

6 Don`t Lose him if he`s a Nice Guy!

Well.....l never had this situation Before.l Don`t
Know Why l Did This,But l Still Believe That
Everything Happen For Some Reason.
And All l Wanna Now is:Have Fun,Do my Fashion
School And Than maybe later try it again.

Get The Look...

these is Awesome!! ins`t Great How we can Find Clothes,
Just Like it the same of the Cool Girls ;)

Best Friend`s FOREVER lol

Here Kitty Kitty

Robert Pattinson для Vanity Fair (outtakes)
Boys Boys Boys We Love Them? hahahah

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Isabeli Fontana:Vogue,December 2009
Funny l see this now,cause l`m going to re-touch my
Blond hair this Morning lol

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


l Been Very Weird Today...Very Romantic lol
And l`m Not I've in Love..Anyway hahahah l`m very Tired
Always when l go Travel, l get crazy with all the things
And l start to get Hyper,Excited about it!
OMG!! l Can`t wait to Hug my cousin`s.L.A is(BETTER)
Be Ready for me,cause l`m Bringing my best Energy.

Model: Iris Strubegger Photographer : Daniel Jackson

These is For i-D Magazine...l really Loved! is Killer lol
That`s how Woman should Dress up,To Kill.
We Usually say that in Brazil ;)


This Is my first,Post Of "Best Friends Forever" BFF
Thank God All My Friends, Are Very Fashion;)

Mariacarla Boscono by Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar US December 2009