Wednesday, September 30, 2009

By JuJu

Kate Moss And John Galliano.
Nite Nite

Style Love It Or Hate It ..

Awwwww How Cute lol Anna Wintour Waiting For The ,
Fashion Show..Such a Horrible Life hahahah ;)
Love you Anna!

Mario testino My Sweets

That`s Why l Love Mario Testino.He is The Best!
Anything he does is perfect.
you go Mario;)

RED RED Anna Wintour Said Is RED !!

Anna Wintour Said Red is The Color Of The Moment!!
l like that! is a Love Color, Sexy and Glam.

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Vogue Paris-October 2009-Kate-Kate Moss(NSFW)

Stripes We Love it!

Pucci - Spring Summer 2010

Great Job Emilio Pucci!!
Hes Collection Are Killer lol

By JuJu

Tomorrow l Hope Sleep All Morning..So Tired;(
and l I`ll Live Like Is My Last Day.Life Is Too Short.
l Can`t Waist Time lol OMG!hahahhah
Nite Nite

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love Addict

Get The Look...

See Is Not Too Difficult,Look Cute And With Style ;)

To My Little Ladies ;)

AWWW l Just ADORE These!
Special To My Favorite TEEN Amanda Diamond ;)

Versace Spring 2010

Amazing Versace Spring 2010.Here My Favorite Dresses.
Like Always, all The Dresses are Gorgeous!
And What l think what was interesting,was the models with
the same hair Like Donatella Versace lol
l like it!The Color, Long And Very Blond.
l Think Donatella is Weird.But Has Style.

Style Love It Or Hate It ..

Daisy Lowe At Milan Fashion Week/MFW
OMG!!l Love It! l Could Never Ever,Wear This In
Chicago.Jason Would Kill me lol.But Why Not In NY!?
Gorgeous!! absolutely FASHION !

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Vogue China-October 2009-Fishing Day-Costance
J& Iekeliene Stange