Monday, May 31, 2010

The Burning Day ^^

OMG!!what can l say??** l had an AMAZING TIME;)
Thanks Mimi and her Baby Blue for the Awesome day!!
l`m very Lucky Girl for have the most Fun,Funny,Real
Terrific Friends;)and GOD BLESS***AMERICA***

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Time **

Dear Lovers,
Hope you have an amazing time this weekend!!
Enjoy your Holiday,and be Happy!!!!l`m gonna
Be a Lot outside Partying,Boating Loving ;)
See You Guys Soon!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunday Time **

Everything Ready For Sunday Time** l Got
The Brazilian Bikini yeahhhhh!! white!l choose
White cause wanted to Wear With my head scarf
And Has a lot colors so l had to be very careful to
Match Everything..we are very excited for this Sunday
It Will be Boat Ride,Pool Party Dinner with Friends
l`m Very Happy and l just Can't wait!!!

Missoni: Spring 2010 Amoreee

Angela Missoni must Have been Feeling For
A hippie Chic style,or for a romantic Sunday
That`s how l Feel looking at this Collection
Love it! Sooo Zen, Soo Romantic and delicate.

The Snakeskin-Paint Heels

The Snakeskin-Print Heels Add a Luxe ,Testured Touch
To Polished Skinnies,Sleek Jackets and Tops even With
A simple Dress it Looks Chic.Kate Moss is wearing her
Christian Louboutin and so Do l.The reason l`m posting
A pic of Myself is Because l Wanna you to see,that l do
Wear Everything l post here ;)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Rock Dude;)

When the Whole U.S.A was doing Line to see
"Sex and The City 2",l was at the Theater to
See "Iron Man" not that l don't wanna watch
"Sex and The City2" didn't go cause one of my
Best friend Carolina,is in NY and l`m good friend
Will wait for her;)Anyway l saw "Iron Man" OMG!!
WTF is Mr.robert downey jr!?Sexy than Never!!after
Ups and Downs Hes Back!Amazing Funny Hot!!!Loved
The Movie!!And--> GOD BLESS **AMERICA**

Jingle Bells

l know we are not at Christmas time lol
But yesterday l got a new dress Purple..funny
Cause l hate Purple,but what did make this Dress
Looks ADORABLE its because the shirt was just like
A Bell lol yeahhh!! and me very silly was dancing at
Store Making the movement as a Bell hahah it was soo funny!!
My friend who was with me said:Ghost l don't know you**

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Karen Elson & Jack White by Annie Leibovitz
For VOGUE US June 2010
*l think l found my new Love Addict Couple here
My Doll Karen Elson,and her sweet Dude Jack White
Look Amazing in this pics..l love it!!she is one
Of my Favorite Models,and him with hes"Steady and she Goes"
Song always change my Moon;) Really Rock my Day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Brazilian Thing **

Tomorrow l have a Mission**a trip
To some Brazilian Store yeahhh to find some
HOT Brazilian BIKINI,and is not because l`m Brazilian
But the Brazilian Bikini are THE BEST!!normally my Mum
Send it to me,but l have no time cause l need it for this
Sunday My favorite Brand is Cia&Maritima is Absolutely
Gorgeous!!l`m very Excited,my friends and l are taking
The Boat Out,and l wanna Look Good,and show my

Summer Time..The living is easy ;)

Like a Virgin
Photographer: Mario Testino
Model: Josh Hartnett, Gemma Ward

l`m soooo Excited for this Summer in FL
Party Party and more Party and the best
Thing is the Boat rides OMG!!and Loveee
You got to have a Lover to enjoy the
Summer time ;)

Chanel - Cruise 2010/2011

l was thinking where have l been,that l haven't
See this yet lol OMG!!!l Just Adore!!Soooo Summer
Chanel always surprise me ;)

Here Kitty Kitty ;)

Anything in the world, drives me more Crazy
Than a Men smelling Good** l Totally recommend
This Perfume BLACK By Ralph Lauren is Absolutely
Delicious!!! ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Alexander Mcqueen Spring Summer 2010

Lee Mcqueen Still Rocking!Hes last
Collection is so shining its like
He was saying Good Bye.l been reading lots
Magazine and Whole world Still Missing,and
Very Sorry for Lee Mcqueen, Not been Part
Of This Glamorous And mystery Fashion World