Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween 2012 Catwoman*

So everybody is curious to know what will be my costume this year, after hear a friend said; wow Jules you have being Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Witch and all the trouble girls..why??? l said well because they were fun and always up to a good time, what bad in that!?This year will be Catwoman in NYC. I have to be honest, after seeing Anna Hathaway at the movie “The Dark Night Rises ” l felt in love with it. CatWoman as we know is a fictional character associated with DC Comic’s Batman franchise. Selina Kyle was the first Catwoman that appears in Batman 1940, after that Catwoman has been featured in most media adaptation related to Batman with the actress Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwetheir, Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pheiffer (my favorite) Halle Berry and the last one Anne Hathaway and now Juliana Marques ;) Meow

Maison Martin Margiela X H&M A/W 2012

Martin Margiela is coming to town Ladies and Gentleman. Nov 15 H&M is giving this treat to us Fashion lovers. An exclusive line by Martin Margiela After so many important designers as Lanvin, Anna Dello Russo, Versace and Karl Lagerfeld finally is Martin’s turn. I really loved the nude top the whole line it’s very cool. I had the pleasure to be on their fashion show during NYFW and tell you what, Martin Margiela it’s not afraid to be different, the whole before and after show it’s so attractive that you know for sure that it’s something to never forget , so Ladies Nov 15 let’s be ready!!!!!*


Chic to be* OlaLAAAAAA Yes, ladies no matter what we need to have your Chic, fabulous, classy day!! Not just because it’s Chic, but come-on it’s just Aw soo good to feel like we’re about to have lunch in Paris or so, you don’t have to dress up like that every day, but once all why not!? If you can and want just do it!! The feelings are unique not only on people eye, but for your ego it’s just amazing! It means that you enjoy being a lady, but the most important it’s not the look chic that makes you a lady, it’s the attitude*

Monday, October 22, 2012

Vera Wang | Spring Summer 2013***

Vera Wang spring 2013 had an incredible energy The models, the incredible clothes with a unique material very delicate stamps, others plan white or an attractive black, strong green and the classy gold, everything as chic as elegant as Vera. l had a pleasure to meet her in person and she’s adorable very sweet lady, gave us so much attention So l said that l love the black dress, she said back oh l can totally see you on that, l also said; Vera you’re going to make my wedding dress, Vera smiled :D

Friday, October 19, 2012

I Put A Spell On You * Witch to be*

Yes sisters we’re back BOOOOOOOOOOO Witches, tomorrow we’ll start to celebrate Halloween HAHHAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHA Ok you might think l’m crazy, but its Halloween so l don’t care lol there’s nothing more excited than be a witch. Every year at Halloween l became a witch for my first costume. There’s something intrigue about witches, it’s a mystery that we all wanted to try at least for a day? Ah who knows after years and years they do exist maybe not that mean as used to be, but somehow the spirit will never die. Today l spent a lot time finishing my broom, l thought it was too simple, since my costume it’s incredible chic, so l diced to glue couple diamonds, yes! l said diamonds at my broom, making more attractive. You know will be using a lot tomorrow night, remember will put a spell on you ;)