Friday, October 19, 2012

I Put A Spell On You * Witch to be*

Yes sisters we’re back BOOOOOOOOOOO Witches, tomorrow we’ll start to celebrate Halloween HAHHAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHA Ok you might think l’m crazy, but its Halloween so l don’t care lol there’s nothing more excited than be a witch. Every year at Halloween l became a witch for my first costume. There’s something intrigue about witches, it’s a mystery that we all wanted to try at least for a day? Ah who knows after years and years they do exist maybe not that mean as used to be, but somehow the spirit will never die. Today l spent a lot time finishing my broom, l thought it was too simple, since my costume it’s incredible chic, so l diced to glue couple diamonds, yes! l said diamonds at my broom, making more attractive. You know will be using a lot tomorrow night, remember will put a spell on you ;)

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