Friday, December 30, 2011

HAPPY **2012** THE LIGHT YEAR******

Wowww and 2011 is over!!!Thank God!:)But for Fashion on Rock was an amazing year!yeahhh we got in to NYFW,we met Anna Wintour****we got more followers,we're in VOGUE!and l do have BIG plans for 2012,it's all about Fashion and nothing else;) is just sooo good when you know what do you want,who do you want to have around,what makes you happy,l as your Fashion Editor,feels soooo blessing,with sooo many positive vibe.l'm ready for one more year of good times more and more Fashion,l want only good People around,it makes more easy our lives with Peace and Love:)that's what l wish to you dear Lovers,lets keep our Love for Fashion,Life,and others next to us;)if you have only positive thoughts,only wonderful things will flow:)Happy New Year***will be here Bigger and stronger than ever,and sharing my fun,fashionable life,to inspire YOU;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

NEW YEAR'S EVE TO BE..........

NEW YEAR'S EVER TO BE->FABULOUS!!GOLD AND WHITE***CHEERS!! For the first time in my life,l have no idea what l'm going to do for New Year's Eve,and l love it!!Really!!BUT I KNOW that will be a GOLD & WHITE night:)Gold,because means Power Glamorous and WHITE means,Peace,Classy...CHIC*********** so why not mix up those irresistible colors!?Right!?;)
Whatever you do this New Year's eve,whatever you wear,just make sure to be yourself,Happy,peaceful and l`m sure you will shine no matter what;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate by Terry Richardson 2011

l think that in the world,there`s anyone like the Photographer Terry Richardson.He has the power to make the pictures look like sooo incredible natural,it feel that it was in our house.All he needs is,a white wall,and Bowww beautiful,silly awesome,Olsen`s for example We all LOVE big productions on studios,but like l always say;in Fashion you should always keep it simple,and before you know,you`re looking fabulous;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Marie Claire South Africa January 2012 Cover - Kate Moss

Michael Kors on Kate Moss: “She is the girl who got the world dressing this way. Kate is about looking great on her way to a supermarket while looking as if she didn’t give whatever she’s wearing any thought. And that is the secret to great style. Spontaneous chic is what every woman is shooting for these days.”

Vogue Japan February 2012 Editorial - Lindsay Ellingson

Vogue Japan February 2012 Photographer: Carlune Cerf De Dudzeele Models: Lindsay Ellingson, Simon Nessman, Vika Falileeva Fashion Editor/Stylist: Sissy Vian


LONDON must be more happy this week,according to WWD the exhibit of Diana`s dress`s,will include a selection of five gorgeous dresses,will launch at the palace on March 26.l wish l could book a trip to London for this Fashionable event,Sense the huge success of Kate Middleton`s recent palace exhibit showcasing her wedding dress the lovely British people are excited for this event called "DIANA" l also wish,l could take my dear Mum to the exhibit,she Loves Diana and not longer ago,l sent to her a amazing Book about Princess Diana, with incredible pics of her life at Royal family and out,she was and still the most inspired woman.With her genuine beauty,her classy in Fashion and her Fight for her freedom,she should not being only reminded because of her dresses,but for all the good things she has done as a Princess,Mother and Woman.
Always remember,it doesn't matter if you live in a castle,with the most beautiful clothes,the only thing that really matter,is the Happiness**

Monday, December 26, 2011

Vogue U.S. January 2012 Editorial - Amber Valletta & Shalom Harlow

Vogue U.S. January 2012 Photographer: Steven Klein Models: Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow Stylist: Tonne Goodman

Saturday, December 24, 2011


WOWWWW l love this dress by Lee McQueen,l always thought on Christmas,the colors,the spirit****** Soooo this is it!!!Christmas is here:)MERRY CHRISTMAS*** l hope you know the meaning of Christmas,forget about stupid material things,but remember that Christmas means a new begging:)and it`s sooo excited any thing new right!? would like to thank you my followers all over the world,l see everyday,each Country is check in on my blog,and trust me just make me want to share more and more:)thanks also to the GOOGLE team,for being incredible****Cheers to those guys! and come-on BIG Thanks to Dear God,for give to us hes baby JESUS:)who is bringing the begging of PEACE & LOVE MERRY CHRISTMAS************* Juliana Marques

Friday, December 23, 2011


CHRISTMAS TO BE****HAPPY,CHIC,BLESSED;) most of my friends,are asking me what l`m going to wear at Christmas day,sense l`m doing a HUGE party with all my amazing FRIENDS:) well..l first thought to wear a ADORABLE green dress but l don't know...when l wear Green,l right the way think on St Patrick days lol l sounds weird,but l`m a good girl, l follow the Parties rules hahahahah;) anyway l diced to wear a long incredible CHIC black dress l being standing at the sun all day,cause l believe the dress will look even hot,with a nice tan,and also the Classic black dress being for sooo long a key for the holidays,sense we eat and drink like pigs,it`s a great color to trick people with our belly jelly lol but of-course you wear anything,color u like!you gotta be comfortable don't forget that we are home,BUT like Anna Dello Russo says;don't be THAT comfortable,cause it's not CHIC,so be careful,we don't want to lose our classy;)