Friday, December 16, 2011


Forget about CHANEL N*5,and give CHANCE by CHANEL a CHANCE lol l know it sound`s cheesy,but it`s not!! l`m in LOVE with this perfume.l had my first bottle 3 years ago,last week l got my 2 one.The thing is,it must be a "Problem" but l can`t sleep with using my CHANCE by CHANEL;) l can`t sleep without 2 things lol my pink blanket and to smell the CHANEL on me....
Chance it`s a refined blend of jasmine and citrus,l1m completely addicted of,l was always in LOVE with anything Chanel does! such a glamorous world,anyone want`s to be a CHANEL girl;)
You know,l keep reading about Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel and l look,l look,and read about this elegant Lady and l just... can`t get tired!She has something that fascinated.It can pass year`s everyone wants to wear CHANEL,to dream about having a little tiny thing,but it has to be CHANEL,the dream of all the girl`s in the world:)so now,l`m fancy..l don`t care!it can be my last night,my last dream at least will be smelling CHANEL;)you must take a CHANCE****

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