Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well can a relationship change your style??? in my case,never,but some people go with the flow which it's nice,it`s your BABE so you guys must look like a little;)
l even dated a Hippie dude ones,and wasn't fun maybe because he wasn't the one,but fell lost not that l don't like the hippie style,but Gosh every weekend..NOWAY ROSEY lol it`s cool when you match,l believe when meant to be,you became like that person,same style same vibe
One of the reason l`m talking about this,it`s because l see so many couples,who changes the style just to make the other happy,which it`s wrong,we don't do that
Fashion,Love,Music are connect!it`s your everyday,whats happening.You can`t force Fashion,you can`t try hard to have an style that it`s not yours.You got to realize that the true style will happen in the right time;) Cheers!

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