Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 ********

l don't know you,but l love the Indian style amazed me in how Mr. Karl is always so creative with the Chanel shows,is a dream.Wondering in where and how he gets soooo inspired.One day Chanel is in China,the other in a Farm,or in a Aquarium;)
The first thing l thought,was at that movie Indiana Jones did,with people seating around in those tables (eating Monkes Branlol but l remember the costumes being incredible beautiful
l Also though on Elizabeth Hurley`s wedding l`m sure you remember when she got married to the Prince of India,her wedding was 3days of party!she had many dresses,l by the time was like like..OMG!sooo many colors it feels like the outfits could almost talk,it was soooo real,No l wasn't there lol but read all about it ;)
Anyway no matter where you`re,what you do you gotta express yourself!that`s what Mr.Karl is trying to show the world.l was reading about Coco Chanel today,and l was absolutely amazing in how she LOVED Fashion,she really had pleasure to dress up.In her eye Women should always be unique Elegant and feel like they were always in the way to meet their Lovers,because if you think about it make sense,when we are going to meet our Lover,we want to be Beautiful,Chic and Seductive;)that`s a Chanel Girl;)

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