Friday, December 23, 2011


CHRISTMAS TO BE****HAPPY,CHIC,BLESSED;) most of my friends,are asking me what l`m going to wear at Christmas day,sense l`m doing a HUGE party with all my amazing FRIENDS:) well..l first thought to wear a ADORABLE green dress but l don't know...when l wear Green,l right the way think on St Patrick days lol l sounds weird,but l`m a good girl, l follow the Parties rules hahahahah;) anyway l diced to wear a long incredible CHIC black dress l being standing at the sun all day,cause l believe the dress will look even hot,with a nice tan,and also the Classic black dress being for sooo long a key for the holidays,sense we eat and drink like pigs,it`s a great color to trick people with our belly jelly lol but of-course you wear anything,color u like!you gotta be comfortable don't forget that we are home,BUT like Anna Dello Russo says;don't be THAT comfortable,cause it's not CHIC,so be careful,we don't want to lose our classy;)

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