Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kate Middleton in VOGUE

Kate Middleton,the future *QUEEN*....what`s being a
Princess,Queen means??just a name,Style!?well after
read the British Designer Vivianne Westwood attacks
Kate saying;“It seems to me that her image is ‘ordinary
woman,’” she said.Also that she’s got a problem with
eye make-up" is she being right or mean??Gosh of-course
shes being MEAN!!!It`s a shame for a British Woman talks
bad about other,special somebody like Kate!People are sooo
Mean!!what is she suppose to wear???should she cut her hair?
Ahhhh No make-up??OH-COME-ON!!!!Leave the girl alone!shes
Beautiful with attitude.Like l said before what`s make she
so special is that,she is simple,she express herself well
and she`s HAPPY!whatever you wear its a reflection of your
LIFE..Kate is in 2011 not 1860 or whatever.being yourself it
is being in VOGUE and l`m sorry Mean people,but Kate is in

Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Blue........

Last time l were in LOVE with blue,was...let me
see...ah yeahh,it was in my birthday,when l turned
30 years old l got really crazy with the color blue
l remember that my dress was absolutely BLUE and shinning
my Lovers and l went to W in Miami..Gosh the dress was
incredible beautiful,and of-course l got inspired by Kate
Moss,she wore a blue dress to her 30 years old party alsolol
anyway this week the BLUE color were in my head all the
time..till l finally get a new dress,a BLUE dress,but a
nice dark Blue,l think blue has a charm and its super
girly:)l`m thinking to bring to my trip to NY OH-YEAHHH

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kate Moss Wedding photos: US Vogue, September 2011

Dear Lovers, if you don`t have a VOGUE September 2011
PLEASE go get it!!it looks awesome, it feels like the magazine
wants to talk :D so much to show, to talk about it,,FNO, NYFW
and of-course the incredible pics of Lovely Kate Moss weeding
l all the time look and read about her weeding:)so happy that she
had John Galliano  making her amazing wedding  dress. Trust me
this Issue has an Amazing Vibe!Cheers to Fashion,To Love
To Glamor;)


Countdown for MISSONI finally get into TARGET:)
We,in U.S.A are very excited for this incredible,cool
collection.The 400-plus piece collection-which spans
everything from clothes and bedding to dinnerware
luggage,and bicycles..lol yes, l said bicycles omg!!
can you imagine!?So the BIG day of Missoni at Target
is September 13..SAVE THE DATE!!!!