Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kate Middleton in VOGUE

Kate Middleton,the future *QUEEN*....what`s being a
Princess,Queen means??just a name,Style!?well after
read the British Designer Vivianne Westwood attacks
Kate saying;“It seems to me that her image is ‘ordinary
woman,’” she said.Also that she’s got a problem with
eye make-up" is she being right or mean??Gosh of-course
shes being MEAN!!!It`s a shame for a British Woman talks
bad about other,special somebody like Kate!People are sooo
Mean!!what is she suppose to wear???should she cut her hair?
Ahhhh No make-up??OH-COME-ON!!!!Leave the girl alone!shes
Beautiful with attitude.Like l said before what`s make she
so special is that,she is simple,she express herself well
and she`s HAPPY!whatever you wear its a reflection of your
LIFE..Kate is in 2011 not 1860 or whatever.being yourself it
is being in VOGUE and l`m sorry Mean people,but Kate is in

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