Wednesday, September 7, 2011


All right Lovers,FASHION NIGHT OUT it`s here!!!and NYFW also;) Tomorrow NY will celebrate FASHION,not only NY,but whole U.S.A for us who adores FASHION its like Christmas;)EXCITED would the right word for this incredible event by VOGUE,l had the pleasure to be in NEW YORK last year,for FNO and it was AMAZING!l believe this year will be even better!l`m very happy and feel the luckiest girl for having a chance to be in this Glamorous event,following with the NYFW.It will be a FUN week lots FASHION,ROCK `N` ROLL---->Good times;) Soooooo be hold,and l will be posting all my adventure in NY cause I LOVE NEW YORK;) Cheers Juliana Marques

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