Thursday, September 15, 2011


OMG!!imagine what its being at Carolina Herrera Fashion Show.... it was one of the best time of my life!!first because l always loved all her clothes,she has the power to make a Woman to look incredible CHIC...feels like when l she wakes up,she thinks;ok,let me be Fabulous and share that in my next collection;)so she did!everyone wants to be a Carolina Herrera Girl:)Other think that l was AMAZED about having the chance to see ANNA WINTOUR,the VOGUE you know l LOVE Anna!!!you can`t imagine how l felt when l was standing right there in front of her,l was like, almost crying, Choc,could move!!!Special when is somebody that you want to be just like;)Meeting the W Editor Mr.Stefano Tonchi also was incredible,hes sweet!and l was making sure to tell him that before l look and see whats going on W magazine,l always read first what he says,and that he makes W more excited to read,cause feels sooo Natural almost like hes talking to me,to anybody:)

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