Monday, October 31, 2011


AND....The party its not over,thank God!!!! Halloween is going pretty well,Saturday night,was amazing hear people scream HELLOOO MARIE ANTTOINETE and they recognized the costume,it was awesome! so tonight my Fancy people are doing a cool,chic party l was not sure about it,but l never say no to any party,cause as you know,life its short,God l hate to say that,but its true ;/ so l never repeat any costume(at least at the same year)l diced to be Ms.Marilyn Monroe.Have to honest,l was already her in NYC 2 years ago,l wore the pink long dress(girls love diamond) this year will be simple,not too much..l`am also really excited for her movie "my week with Marilyn,with Michelle Williams open this week as Marie Antoinette,Marilyn was beautiful,full of life and with a terrible end...well its Halloween people,Lets have celebrate! Cheers

Thursday, October 27, 2011


VOGUE and l will be Marie Antoinette for Halloween BOO of-course every Halloween l have to be a Strong,Silly,Fashion trouble one;)so the Queen of France Marie Antoinette was the one who got all my attention this year,she as we all know was a happy,party Queen.Not really different than me**l wish all of you could do the same as me,to dress up,to be somebody special ,Somebody who left they mark somehow.My Costume its absolutely Gorgeous,l`m soooo excited to be Marie Antoinette the Queen^^^^^^^^^ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Cheers!!


Love magazine Issue 6 "The Super Natural Issue"by Mert and Marcus lOVE IT!.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


There`s nothing in the world makes me more happy than go on a trip! before l start to pack,l first think,what l`m going to wear at the airport!? the airport part its very important.l really don`t get those people who dress up like whatever..They really believe that anyone will look,they think;lets be comfortable baby there's not "comfortable" in the world of fashion.There's Glamorous,Chic,Fabulous!!!!!! come never know who you will run into. Sounds crazy,but look Kate Moss,she was discovered at JFK (NYC)airport.Anyway airport can be very fashionable,when my driver its late l always say;please take your time,cause its a pleasure watch people with that feeling that the trip,day will be nothing but beautiful*******

Sunday, October 23, 2011

VERSACE FOR H&M-------->YES!!!!!!!!:)

OMG!!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! Sounds like we have a date with H&M dear lovers;) November 17 please save the date!!!after Jimmy Choo,Lanvin rock the house now its time for VERSACE show what they have best!!l`m amazed with this incredible collection for H&M.Nobody can resist to the 90s pull of a VERSACE glamorous print:)