Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zang Toi Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Zang Toi Fall 2013 was a truly fairytale, first I thought l was in Paris. Zang has such power to make Every collection a dream of luxury, classy with stunning dresses making every season excited, not only beautiful but wanted clothes. l had the pleasure to be there at he’s show and honestly, l have never seeing such connection with the people who was watching, the energy was amazing when the model walked in with the green dress, everybody raised of their seats and started to clap, it was magical and that the effect Zang Toi does with he’s unique work. This collection it’s for a chic women, who was born to only have good time, Paris time without worry about anything, but herself. That’s how l see Zang Toi fall 2013 every collection full of grace and light.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2013

Saint or a sinner for the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2013!? Well whatever you diced doesn’t really matter about this stunning, sexy, provocative collation. I love from the shoes to crow and earrings Some people said that D&G got inspired with the history of the Pope not being Pope anymore…. Honestly, I think the idea it’s great, somehow the church it’s have always been super fashionable without know it. It’s not the first time that D&G has religious picture on their amazing clothe and l hope there will have more in the future, as l said the idea its original and yeahh showing that also fashion is up to whatever is happening in the world. Amen 


During fashion week in New York City all we could see was Fur and more Fur, leather, boots, scarfs, jeans, stylish skirts and amazing hats. Even with the snow they tried to keep up the good, cool style at streets. Some of the girls were brave walking through the snow with high heels OMG! l have no idea how they did, but some girls changed inside of Lincoln Center their snow boots for some elegant pair of shoes. It was incredible how they didn’t care any moment of the cold, l didn’t hear anybody complain, all you could see was girls fixing their hats, lipstick and walking like their had whole world eye on them and somehow they did, photographers from everywhere was there to register every movement. Every girl had their own unique appeal and amazing taste of putting the pieces together.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My three favorite trends for spring 2013*

The white color will be forever the must! Always chic, you can wear it anytime, anywhere. And the best we can play with different and fun jewels, l particularly love gold with white, like big necklace or big earrings and bracelets it looks cool, a mix of classic and modernity. It’s amazing that this spring the white will be SO welcome* Since I was little girl l always enjoyed Frills, l was called “Christmas tree” by my brother and l loved. l think and always thought that Frills are nothing then a fun, cool, different way to dress up. Even now the volume contagious to anyone eye and this spring 2013 will be the must to have it. Happy to share those big name designers took trills, frills and ruffles Serious in a fun way to wear it* "As we know leather being here for a while. Most of the celebrities special Kate Moss being wearing it forever, but this year according to the fashion world it will be more usable than ever. The luxury fabric is making a difference in this season giving to any girl the power of being sexy and chic with a little be of Rock ‘n’ Roll style way to be and the best you can rock it day and night time"

Costume Norway March 2013 Editorial - Siri Tollerød

Costume Norway March 2013 Photographer: Jorgen Gomnaes Model: Siri Tollerød Fashion Director: Hege Aurelie Badendyck

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2013

Sounds like anything Mr. Mohapatra touch not only became gold, but glamorous, incredible chic, classy and modern. I was honored to be able to watch Bibhu fall 2013 at MBFW in NY last week. I also had the chance to shake Mr. Bibhu hands and congratulate him for he’s beautiful collection, every piece absolutely unique. Not only the show but being around Mr. Bibhu and he’s team was one of the best things happen to me, the energy was high, you could feel the passion for fashion between that people, making not only the fashion show, After party a special moment.