Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carrie Bradshaw by Juliana Marques

Today I decided to take the day off, after seeing 3 fashion shows l thought l needed a break and go see New York. l wanted to go to West Village and before l left l wanted to do a picture at “Carrie Bradshaw” stairs, like she used to do at Sexy and the city. So l did, I seated and pretend that Mr. Big (like I joke all the time) was about to stop to pick me up. And l said that before the picture; Ok let’s pretend l’m Carrie and l’m waiting for Big. So when I stepped out guess who l bumped???? Sarah Jessica Parker “Carrie Bradshaw” lol So l said; Amazed OMG!!! Sarah!!! I just did I picture at your stairs pretending that l’m Carrie waiting for Big. For some stupid reason I got distracted and l couldn’t say anything else. When l saw Sarah was already faraway, but she said; that’s great have a great night. For some reason, somehow I picked the right street to do my silly picture, without know that street was where Sarah Jessica Parker, the Carrie Bradshaw really leaves.


ben tumakaka said...

that's a good pose.
nice :)

ben tumakaka said...

that's a good pose anyway :)