Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elizabeth Hurley`s weeding*******

OK..l could not resist,sense we were talking about the gorgeous model/actress Elizabeth Hurley.l`m a big fan of this girl,l think she,in her 46 years old,is nothing but FABULOUS!!
Liz like she is called in London is Fabulous for many things,her incredible beauty,taste for fashion,she is always wearing the best dresses ever!and of-course,she is luck,for have had many powerful boyfriends and Husbands (l might be her next Halloween;)
But the reason of-course l`m posting this is because l got inspired by my last post of Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Paris,and how the Indian style is taking the world.l`m sorry Katy Perry but l think Liz really Rocked her weeding like anyone else.Liz failed for divorce from her husband Mr.Arun Nayar,now she is engaged to her new boyfriend Australian cricketer Shane Warne...Way to go;) P.S...;the video its from The movie l was talking about it,Indiana Jones,l don't even know if it was in Indian,but l love it;)xo

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