Sunday, December 18, 2011


Early this year l found myself AMAZED with the interview that Blake Lively gave to her very good friend Florence,by Florence and the Machine Band,for the Glamour magazine July 2011 issue,l thought; it MUST be Amazing have a Dear friend who is musician***well have you ever heard about;be careful in what u wish for!?:)
So 3 moth ago,there was me IN NYC,taking the train from Brooklyn to Up Town Manhattan,to meet my friends at Central Park,it was my first time at the train all by myself,l thought that l was the most brave person in the world lol until l realize,that l should ask somebody if l was going in the right direction.So from no where l girl caring a baby girl sat next to me,the baby was all smiling so l asked the MOM,who looked at me scared,like;who is this lost happy girl l always talk with people,like l know them a long time,l feel extremely comfortable to talk to anyone,l love People,to find,learn about everything and is incredible each person l meet,has a excited history to tell
the girl seating next to me,was Elizabeth Devlin,a sweet musician from NYC.She helped me,and asked me;sense you told me you`re a Fashion Writer,tell me something about Fashion;) so l did told her my last post(at that time)was about the Fashion Vogue editor carine roitfeld style,Elizabeth also told me that she play and sings,l was so happy to hear that.After that she,and her baby walked with me until the Barnes and Nobles for l charge my phone,and go find the girls at the Central Park.Elizabeth and l became friends,so what l wished about having a Dear musician friend,came true:)

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