Sunday, December 18, 2011


ALL RIGHT LOVER`S;)Sense l got at Ashley Olsen Style Feb 9, 2011 594 Pageviews,l diced to make another one before the year the end.
It`s incredible,in how the girl`s LOVE Ashley Olsen and also amazing in how she and her sister Mary Kate have an unique sense of style
l keep getting email`s of People asking me post more about the Fashionable Sister`s,and l have to be honest\,l love it!The Olsen Sister`s have their own line of clothes and hand bags,everyone goes crazy with anything they put out there.
The girl`s are doing pretty well in the Fashion world,their got the respect at industry,as you know it`s not easy to come out with a line,but Ashley and her sister did it!l missed to meet they two years,always at the Fashion Night Out:(Hopefully will have a chance at NYFW thing is for sure!!this girl`s will be here forever,they will stay strong at fashion history and it`s great to have cool girls,with great taste for Fashion and became a inspiration for all of us;)

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