Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today l had a chance to be in Palm Beach FL, at the recital of the incredible Pianist, Dr. Robin J. Arrigo. If you ever hear the word Palm Beach you can imagine glamorous, incredible chic, music, classy, hats, and people not just because they have money, but the whole place is a mystery. l would say Palm Beach is unique, so today while watching Dr. Robin playing her piano at the very popular and classic “the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-By-The-Sea” I started look around me and l realize in how the church has such power also in fashion, first l don’t you but in my house any kind event at the church we always had to go impeccable chic, not to impress anyone, but for respect to the place so l was looking all the Saints, Crucifix, strong images the people looking classy as should be. Hard to talk about religion, hard to talk about God special in a world when most of the people are more worry about “something else” at the same time l was impressed with the energy, beauty, fashion that the church mixed with good music can bring* PEACE

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