Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How To Lose a Guy In 5 Days

Dear Lover`s,
l was just, talking about with My Friend Anna About the
Movie "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" is funny yeahh we all
Know that.But Sometimes Can Happen....So l`m gonna Share
How To Lose a Guy in 5 Days Unfortunately l Did,and l`m
Very Sorry for l I`ll tell you what Not To Do

1 Never Ever go Visit Him In Your PMS

2 If He Doesn't Call You, in 3 Days Do Not Call
Or Txt Him asking what`s going on

3 Don`t Get Crazy, following Him FaceBook Page
Trying To find out Something

4 Don`t DELETE Him,as your Friend On FaceBook hahahahah

5 Don`t Call he`s Friend Bitch (I've you know she IS)

6 Don`t Lose him if he`s a Nice Guy!

Well.....l never had this situation Before.l Don`t
Know Why l Did This,But l Still Believe That
Everything Happen For Some Reason.
And All l Wanna Now is:Have Fun,Do my Fashion
School And Than maybe later try it again.

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