Thursday, April 7, 2011

Painting on Black**

All right...;)Fashion on Rock is having one more
Birthday Party this weekend** Believe you or not
Now is Miami Turn;)So today l went shopping with
My BFF Carla,and the question that she first did to
Me was;What`s the Color Ms.Fashion!!??l said;BLACK!!!
Well in L.A Fashion on Rock wore Pink and
l`m feeling for black,why??cause it`s Chic,can`t go wrong
Absolutely elegant,like Kate Moss says;a little black
Dress save the night;)BUT Fashion on Rock will Rock
The Night wearing Blue(Chanel)Nails polish,and a incredible
Pink earrings;)my moon is not totally Black,So let me Play
With this Amazing Color BLACK**
Cheers and Happy Birthday to Me;)

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