Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Lovers;)

Hummm Sweet Lovers;)Wish l could wear a
Huge Big Ears,like Louis Vuitton Winter 2009/10
By my Dear Amazing Marc Jacobs.The ears are nothing
But Girly and absolutely fun to wear;)l honest didn't
Think about it before,my plans tom is to wear a Big white
Flower on my Hair,But l wish it was a Bunny Ears,would be
Soooo much fun^^ well at least l`m sharing here this silly
Idea...if you have a Bunny ears home,just PLEASE putt it on
And have fun;)

P.S the video is Kate Moss for new Campaign by Basement;)
Happy Easter Lovers!!

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jenn♥ said...

love the pictures !