Sunday, January 1, 2012


l being dreaming with Lee McQueen way too much on my dreams,he appear saying;that l should be where he is right now.He also says that there wherever it is,has Fashion,Music,and Peace..well it must be a dream*********************************** l think that ,it`s incredible how he is gone,and feels like hes here somehow.Hes dresses will forever in our memories,each piece has an unique style*LONG LIVE MCQUEEN*
So those it's my favorite McQueens ;) Hope you had a amazing New Years Eve*My was just FABULOUS,the way l didn't plan,like l said before you gotta go with the Flow****VOGUE***:)********** l have being looking at Fashion on Rock Traffic Feed and l found amazing in how you guys being searching for old posts,it makes me really happy,and also is giving me a chance to take some time off.Yes,l have to take care of my self and focus on my assigns for my Fashion school.l`m late with my assignments sense l have spend a lot time on my blog so that it is something l HAVE to get it done,BUT please be good,stay cool and l see you soon!!! JUJU:)

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