Monday, January 30, 2012


When we rear the word SHOPPING not only me, but anyone in the World Get very excited. For the boys whatever they buy it’s also some excitement, But they don’t really show that.when we girls are out and about,somehow in my head the song VOGUE by Madonna starts to appear, its sooo much fun, soo good That feeling to have something new and this can be more excited when we have somebody To Shopping with, lm talking about your GF, BFF it’s absolutely different than your Mum and Sister, cause girlfriends are more fun, not drama, just good time. Tomorrow l have a mission, to Help my BFF Patricia to find a purple shoe. It will be a hilarious morning, sense Pat and l have always sooo much fun!! She one of those friends that we all wish to have, she plays tennis with me, listen all my crazy histories with the boys and she also laugh of my dumb jokes lol sooo why not Shop a little be and help my Dear friend to find her purple shoes;)

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