Saturday, January 14, 2012


l'm the luckiest girl ever,you know why!? well..for many reasons,but for also live just 30 mints from beautiful Palm Beach.So last week l diced to spend the day at the most cozy,lovely GLAMOROUS Worth Av,and l had the most amazing day just hanging out,enjoying myself and all that Chic life that just Palm Beach has to offer.All the stores OMG!!!they have all the big brands over there,with little secret gardens,you really feel like you're in Paris or something like that.Everyone is absolutely Classy,all l saw was the power Palm Beach Women's,caring their Hermes,Chanel Dior,Louis Vuitton and they were very Happy(l would be too living in PB and caring a Chanel;)and smiling,saying hello the energy was soooo nice,maybe "nice" it's too little,it was FABULOUS*
From Palm Beach,FL with LOVE******

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