Sunday, January 15, 2012


Party girl,to be or not to be!?? l first would say to be HAPPY,than the magic happens the Party,Fashion,Lovers,friend's,FUN* Kate Moss,is a party girl,but you can tell that she has confidence,and doesn't give a S**h**T Gosh life,if you think is sooo simple,why not to celebrate*if you're happy you will attract sooo many opportunity's,you gotta live to the fullest we never know,when is the end.Like Kate Moss l'm totally 100%behind of being a Happy,positive Party Girl;) Last September issue for Vogue U.S.A Mario Testino said;“life is about having a good time. I love a girl that parties" There's nothing wrong of being social it's fun being out and about,until you can do it!!!!! Cheers;)
Wherever you are,enjoy life,whatever you have around you make the best of it* Juliana

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