Friday, March 22, 2013

Melissa Magazine Winter 2013 Editorial - Cara Delevingne

Will never forget my first Melissa, It was when l was with 7 years old I remember having a wedding to go with my Mom and l had the dress, but not the right shoes. So my Mom told me to go on a play day and not worry about it, but l did…l was sooo nervous thinking; Oh imagine if Mom forget about the shoes, what l’m going to wear!? Flip flop lol When it was time to go home l was so excited, l didn’t walk l ran home fast I could and when l arrived l saw on my bed the dress, and a pair of Melissa it was absolutely adorable, baby pink and had pink strips on it. I was so happy I couldn’t stop thank Mom for the surprise. Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld Winter 2013 Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld Models: Cara Delevingne & Karl Lagerfeld

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