Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIOR* Bal Harbour Miami, FL

Last Thursday I had the pleasure for being invited by my dear fabulous friend Mr. Dior Fabio Goncalves to visit the most excited and chic Dior store at Bal Barbour shops in Miami, FL. First I thought I died and went to heaven, a heaven called DIOR it was amazing getting to know the Dior team in MIA, they’re just full of life, happy and with an incredible energy. Fabio my dear friend showed me all the Lady Dior handbags, one gorgeous than other. I was amazed all day with so much beauty; also the Clothes were absolutely stunning, just like we see at runway. Somehow the Dior store has such power that even if you’re in MIA, you have the feeling of being in Paris it’s like forgetting anything else and just jumping into the dream called Dior. A dream of glamorous, romance and classy as Dior

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