Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Billy Reid Fall 2013

This morning l was looking at my friend’s instagram NY pictures, in how bad the weather it is right now and made me remind of my first night in NY during NYFW. My flight got canceled two times that Friday morning. Arriving in NY I also had to deal with that rain and snow coming. l thought that the shows were going to be cancelled but no! Nothing stops NY, such brave city oh my!!! I saw like 6 shows that Feb 8 and my last show was 9:00 pm l had this new designer from Japan showing he’s collection and at the same time Billy Reid. I was for a while looking outside and thinking OMG!! What l’m going to do, its soooo freaking snowing, freezing cold the Japanese designer show was at Lincoln Center, but not Billy Reid. I diced to txt my dear friend Eila Mell (writer for project Runway) and ask her Help what l should do, since I was at the Billy Reid show in September and it was AMAZING!!! So Eila didn’t think twice saying; Juliana if l was you l would go to Billy!! Even with that weather I faced NY and left Lincoln to this 20 mints taxi ride. On my way to Billy I even thought to just go back to my friends place and skip, but something was telling me, how I could miss such cool fashion show!? So l made into the place safe and happy. I was the first to arrive and first I saw was a bar yes, Billy Reid wants to make sure everybody was feeling relax before he’s show so I had the chance to kind of watch what was happening before everything start and it was awesome watching he’s very professional team working together, it was great just being there right on the beginning seeing that not only the after the show, but the before also. I was sooo glad l went to this show it was sooo attractive staring with the music, not sure who select those songs l means whoever is does a great job! Billy Reid fall 2013 was no just cool as l usually say for he’s collections, but extremely modern and chic for girls and boys who doesn’t care if it’s raining, snowing or if a hurricane it’s about to arrive, she’s confident enough to just go with the flow without lose the benefit of being a girl or a boy wearing the coolest collection as Billy Reid, the coolest designer*

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