Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby its cold outside* FUR*

““Well first of all I want to make it very clear that when l say “Fur” does NOT mean the fur with animals. Fashion on Rock does NOT agree that you have to kill innocent animals to look fabulous”” Believe or not it’s freezing in FL today. It’s considered the coldest day ever in Florida, l’m now looking at my window and it’s so gorgeous outside, hard to believe that it’s that cold like everyone says. Well whatever the weather is, still absolutely beautiful but l’m thinking if should l stay in or should I go out do my things, clean up my Dior purse since I’m spending the day there on Thursday, or if I just stay in reading and resting..Oh well will find out in a mint. So when l talk about Fur yes, you can wear it, the fake ones why not!? It looks the same without hurt anything and ahh—So cool, chic day or night. With a pair of jeans, boots girl, you’re ready to rock*

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