Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I know, it’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll But l like it ;) As l told you last Sunday babe cousins and l went to Watch the most excited movie ever the “Rock of Ages” honestly!?I don’t care if the movie had one star, two, or anyone if l had good time that what really matters. I found the movie really fun, Cheesy!? Yeah, but it’s ok a little Cheesy special with Tom Cruise being the star of the it Oh May, he was incredible HOT…Burning…HOT….49 years old??? Really!!?? God Bless him! The whole movie was very interesting not only for the amazing Rock ‘n’ Roll songs (Which l missed the Stones songs) but the cast was fun, even Julianne Hough who l thought would be only one more blond in Hollywood was super talent, such a doll, Anyway l totally recommend the Movie not only because l’m a Rock ‘n’ Roll lover, but we got to Cheer to the Classic and unique Rock ‘n’ Roll*

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