Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rock of Ages* Here we go;)

All right, sounds like it’s time for some Rock ‘n’ Roll people ;) I mean it’s always time for some Rock, but right now l’m talking about the famous and exciting movie called “Rock of Ages” l myself already posted something about it, cause as you know l love Fashion, Music, movies Art Ahhh the whole Rock ‘n’ Roll thing is very inspiring. For the Fashion eye l would say the Rock style is a treat, such sexy, incredible hot and seductive* everyone loves Rock Girl or Boy its pure excitement, real fresh Ahhh. So here in Chicago my babes, cousins, and l are getting ready for this cool movie and the best part is, we’re dressing up as a Rock ‘n’ Roll band, people whatever you can call, but keeping the Punk-Rock style that l Adore*

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