Tuesday, July 17, 2012


How delicious talk about boys, l mean Men just to think about it l don’t know you, but l get really excited special if he has impeccable style and better, the atittude!Gosh how hard it is to find the cool, smart, sexy, beautiful Men with charm and attitude. The other day here in Chicago l heard a girl being accused of “losing guys in 10 days” sometimes less and also for chew and after spit them out with no compassion. Wondering why.. it could be the style?? No l think…No, l don’t think l’m pretty sure it is the attitude as for a gorgeous girl, she can be wearing a Chanel dress with no attitude she’s nothing. Back at the boys, Men awww l loveeeee they. Each one with their unique smell, fun, sarcastic humor, stupid attitude still my favorite toy to play*

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