Friday, July 6, 2012


Alice Dellal what gracious name for a Punk-Rock girl I being fascinated by Alice for long time, but never really knew anything about her  the only thing was that her Brother Alex Dellal was BF with Charlotte de Monaco and also that Alice had an impeccable style. Last September my BFF Ana Paula Lima and l met Alice Mother, Andrea Dellal at the Carlos Miele Fashion Show in NY during NYFW, Andrea a ex Brazilian model really beautiful said Hello quickly so l asked Ana who was she and Ana told me, than l found out that Alice with her unique style and Attitude was a Brazilian girl raised in London, how amazing is that!? Alice is not only pretty, she also a drummer for her Punk band. Alice has 50% of Brazilian and the 50% British like her Dad Guy Dellal.The fashion girl Alice is taking the world, everybody wants to be like her, l have seeing many girls, models cutting their hair or just copying her style, which`s nothing wrong with that, l think when somebody copy’s you is because you have good taste and you can inspire they in how to dress up or just to find their own style. In 2011 Alice was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld to be the new face for the new “boy” bag Chanel campaign, which in my eye was terrific he couldn’t find anybody else better than Alice’s also was thinking what Coco Chanel would say for so much style and personality as Alice…Well as Coco and l being BFFs lol and l know all about her, l would say that Coco would have loved Alice sense Mademoiselle Gabrielle was such a cool lady with an open mind for fashion, so Alice would probably finishing having a tea with her and yes inspire her in some new collection, Cheers to Alice to the coolest girl Eva*

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