Monday, July 9, 2012

“Diamonds are a girls best friend.”

Did you say Diamonds??Is it Diamonds a girl’s best friend’s!?For you to win a girl, do you have to give her a Diamond? Is it wrong to say that we LOVE Diamond’s!? Are we material girls!? Today while walking at the Michigan Av, l saw the Cartier store, shinning calling everyone it was like a dream, so l took a pic in front of it and l posted on my personal FB saying; l love Diamond’s is not my fault honey;)Most of my friends loved, but some people wrote me unnecessary messages that Kenya West wrote a song about girls like me lol so my point is what’s wrong, we girl’s say that we love Diamonds!??Is a fact l’m not lying!!It doesn’t mean we are Material girl’s, it means Women loves fashion, beauty and Diamonds are include Sooo like you, or not yes! Diamonds will be always a girl’s best friend*

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