Friday, June 22, 2012

Welll HellOooOOooo Lovers;)

OMG! HellOoooOoo Lovers;) Hope this find you fabulous and fashion as ever! My Hi today is from CHICAGO, aham.. l’m back after like what, 2 years sense we lost the “Guy in 10 Days” lol but this time is different, a month//of work, fun, wine, fashion and love:* So this month will be here and will try my best to share my adventures, not everything lol please don’t get too excited, but all the interesting things l do. Today for example l went to the Michigan AV, fast didn’t see much, but the little l saw l could say that will sleep like a babe Ahh you can blame on CHANEL Oh-Yeahh Babe Boo the store was shining, calling very strong for my name, mean for the Fashion on Rock The window was incredible, each one with the new hot collection Pre-Fall 2011/12. l have to be honest, l couldn’t move l was like; OMG, OMG, OMG funny how Chanel has such power, the power of attraction. I could almost see COCO Chanel walking around and smiling for me from inside the store suck dream that l wish from the bottom of my big heart, to never wake-up*

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