Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Valentino Resort 2013 Collection*

As we know, Valentino is not in Charge for the Valentino brand, he has wonderful designers working for him, but of-course being a bossy-incredible talent Valentino still around, he would never really leave thank God! I have a special connection with this glamorous brand, not only because my dear untie Celia told me my whole life that she’s truly in love with Valentino, but there’s something special about it, something that any other brand will have. Valentino can change collection the material, but never the style. The beauty that Valentino always says is there each piece, it’s almost the dress can talk to you, want to be in your body, want you to feel special as a princesses, delicate as a flower. When the reporter asked Sr. Valentino if he know what Women want, he replayed right the way without even blink, that women want to be BEAUTIFUL * To my dear Untie Celia :* with Love:) xoxo

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