Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blake Lively by Txema Yeste for US Marie Claire July 2012

I think every girl in this country wants to be Blake Lively, l would say Blake Lovely  l don’t watch TV, but after my friend told me about the “Gossip Girls” I got curious to know why at NYFW people got very excited around the actors around the shows’ always loved Blake from the magazines; she has such sense of style l think for being an American girl that it is unique. Unfortunate we don’t see that very often here, but last couple 10 years things are changing, with the TV, Magazines are helping not only in US but all over the world girls with their style. For the Issue of Marie Claire US July, Blake is looking incredible gorgeous and keeping up the attitude that only few have the power to have * PS, Blake does not have a Personal Stylist, she does all in her own She loves Fashion, so she has fun styling her own outfit, which is not common in Hollywood. What else she does, and she does it is to Bake, cook to her family :) l'm the same way, love to cook for my friends, l guess all l need is her hair and a Ryan next to hahahahah ;) xo

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