Friday, June 22, 2012

Cheers to the Queen Elizabeth*

Before my trip to Chi town l had prepared my post about this incredible Lady the Queen Elizabeth, l know it has past almost tow week’s sense she had one of the most amazing day of her life, but unfortunate l didn’t have the chance to finally write about this example of Women. She the Queen had complete 60 years on the throne, the Diamond Jubilee. I was fascinated watching from the gym all the party, all the happiness by the British People on the rain waiting for the Queen come out at the balcony and say her Helloooo Lovelies’ and of-course that wasn’t the only, but one of the many parties she had. I really enjoy watch the Queen, she just remind my Dear Grandma soo much, maybe l’m not the only one who compares the Queen with somebody in their family, but the whole thing about the Queen, castle, Prince, Princess London just make we all fell Awww excited about it, it can pass years and years will still be something to respect and to be proud about it. Also with the Jubilee of the Queen the Fashion world got really into it the Vogue UK June has almost all the pages dedicated to the Queen, l myself took some pictures of my Vogue, Which has the Lovely and Gorgeous Kate Moss on the cover. Not only Vogue, but everyone got inspired with the celebration to dress up, or to just have any little thing that would cheer the Queen for this unique moment* **Cheers to the Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll** P.S Mary Clarie said to me the other day; Someday juju will meet the Queen lol l said Amen:)

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