Monday, June 11, 2012

Eye-wear....Juju Picks ;)

Ohhh how much l love when people ask me what l think about anything, it’s such a good feeling special when it’s about FASHION Oh-May-Goodness ;) Last week l got an email from the Vogue Eyeglasses and they asked me what l think would be new, a fresh cool tendencies. Well like l said it’s hard to talk about something new when the “old” it’s back stronger than ever, l’m talking about the famous “Old Fashion” the classic like the Cat style, l tried one Dior in NY and l went crazy in how fabulous it looks. Super modern you can find in every size, the biggest better and the smallest Girly totally babe doll. So here l diced to share what l have in hangs right now, from Prada to Dior with Love *

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