Saturday, February 18, 2012


Well, hello dear Lovers ;) This is your sweet little bug Editor saying Hi and sharing some news. First of all l wanted to apologize for have not posting about NYFW Fall/Winter 2012/13 Unfortunate l couldn’t be in New York for two big reasons first my dear and BFF Ana Paula Lima couldn’t be there with me, so that did turned me off because NYFW is totally Napa and l, we have a blast, it is something that we both love more than anything that is FASHION and my other reason l can’t really say yet sense l finally learned to shut my mouth when it became business, all l can say is taking lot of my time. It is about Fashion of-course and if you think Fashion on Rock is great, wait till you see it will be awesome* So the point here right now, is to be absolutely fashionable, happy, cool and surround Good energy to inspire me every day to share with you what is enjoyable in life. Vogue

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