Monday, February 27, 2012


Black & White party 2012* Wow it came sooo fast! Every year in my World, and many different Worlds there are always a Black & White party going on, l have noticed many search from people everywhere in this Fabulous World, looking for something, some post about the classic Black & White. For many people such a fun color to be play, others Awww how l can put it together, well it’s the easier color Eva! Just wear it, mix it! The two colors go so well together and it’s incredible, still inspire many designers. Each collection, at least one piece has Black & White. The colors it’s nothing but Chic, Glamorous and AHHH—Sooo Chanel, Sooo Coco* it’s impossible to resist. Ladies, enjoy your party, date, girls night out, whatever you do enjoy it to The fullest;)

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