Friday, February 10, 2012

Kate Moss for W magazine:in a Virgin or a Bad Girl ??

Good Kate takes on Bad Kate for W cover shoot but who wins? Lovely Kate moss was shooter by Mr. Steven Klein for W magazine, in two vs. Good, Bad Kate Issue. First cover looking Very saintly, wearing in a lace Erdem habit plus white Vera Wang Dress. Even with the Saint look, l honestly can see something in Kate eye, like her passion for life, mean Party that we love it;)
And here the bad Kate, wearing a black silk georgette gown. Kate moss can be anything and still look gorgeous than ever, now with her 38 years old, married and mother of Lila, her 9 years old girl, Kate seams more mature. I think with all that happened with her in the past, some of people still see her as a Bad girl. Not because l love her, but Kate is a normal, luck girl with a incredible beauty and a shining light, that any other model have, or will have. Kate forever!

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