Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The English Rose of the moment is *ROSE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY* Sense I’m in my LONDON moon, why not talk about this lovely lady Called ROSIE how sweet is that!? l being planning to post about her a long time ago, but now with all this London going on l thought it would be the best time to share little be about her. Rose is a gorgeous British model who is rocking anywhere she goes, from a small town in London to L.A .Now she is a movie STAR* Rose is incredible beautiful her face is just like a doll and the Body, Mario Testino says that she has a British beauty and a Brazilian Body;) She is a simple girl, with an amazing sense of style and that’s awesome, what the models in this days doesn’t get it is that to be in the fashion world, you can’t have just a beautiful face, forget about that if you a Beautiful you’re done, you got to have STYLE, you got to know how to dress up. Rose is not only one beautiful face, she knows how to mix the pieces and she expresses herself Like a very good English Rose*

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